Blue Flower

Starcap Consulting has an innovations group which offers a comprehensive set of resources and capabilities to work on innovatiion opportunities at mid to late stages of commercialisation.

Our group has the capability to effect further enhancements and customisations via R&D effort (if required) to enhance commercialisation potential.

Venture Capital Services.

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Financial Services
  • Market Research
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Project R&D Management
  • Software Development
  • Solution Deployment and Hosting
  • Customer Development and Management
  • Corporate Serviced Office Facilities

Specialties - Funding Capabilities

  • Direct funding for small to mid sized projects.
  • Access to global pool of funds for large projects.
  • Access to grant funding for R&D expenditure.

Specialties - Innovation & Integration

  • Enterprise level solution design capability.
  • Pool of multi-disciplinary talent.
  • Technology neutral vendor solutions to best suit problem domain.
  • Corporate and Government ready certified facilities for solution deployments.